Duke Article - Dorfman

Act 1
1. Act 1, Scene 1 - It has been argued that there are too many coincidences leading to getting the three characters together at the beginning of the play. Which coincidences do you think are being referred to and do they seem valid to the reader?

2. Act 1, Scene 2 - Discuss the audience’s first impression of Roberto Miranda. What helps you to form this impression? Quote specific dialogue or behaviour to support your ideas.

3. Act 1, Scene 3 is without dialogue. Discuss the possibilities and limitations of a scene of this nature.

4. Act 1, Scene 4 – How does the audience’s impression of Paulina develop in this scene? Record and analyse what you see as key lines or actions in this scene.

After reading the first act of the play, what do you see as the main two or three themes that Dorfman is trying to explore? Give an explanation of how each has been introduced and developed.