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BBC Slink

Brainpop has some informative, factual short movies you can watch. To log in:
Username: dulwichcollegehanghai
Password: shanghai
These may be useful:
Reproductive system: www.brainpop.com/health/bodysystems/reproductivesystem/
Babies, where they come from & how you get pregnant: www.brainpop.com/health/geneticsgrowthanddevelopment/babies/

Sex test, The weblink is:
The following websites also discusses responsibilities:

STI’s & Contraception.
The following website explain all the forms of contraception:
Brainstorm what forms of contraception there are and discuss what you already know & the importance of contraception.

Produce and information leaflet on STI’s for students your age and the forms of contraception to help teen pregnancies. If you want some good figures on the number of teenage pregnancies in the UK, number who contract Chlamydia etc, you can use the following weblink:
This website also lets them explore STI’s, what they are, the symptoms, what to do etc.: